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Small UFO that flew into the house cured a paralyzed dog

This bizarre story was published in the book Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness & Contact with Non-Human Intelligence, published in the United States in 2018.

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One of the authors of this book is a lawyer named Ray Hernandez and this story happened directly to him and his family in his home.

At that time, his family had a dog named Nena, a Jack Russell Terrier. In 2012, Nene was already 15 years old and was rapidly developing arthritis in her extremities.

At first her gait became weak, then it became increasingly difficult for her to walk, then problems with her kidneys and heart began. Nena was treated, but it only got worse.

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On March 3, 2012, Nena was unable to move her paws and now could only lie down, raise her head and bark. Her owners called the veterinarian, but he only suggested they come to terms and humanely euthanize the sick pet. Euthanasia was scheduled for the next day.

Ray Hernandez’s wife, Dulce Hernandez, who was a devout Catholic, took this very hard and began to pray for Nena. In the morning, around 6 o’clock, Nena began to bark restlessly.

Dulce decided that maybe she wanted to go to the toilet and took the dog in her arms, and then began to go down to the first floor into the living room, so that she could then go out into the courtyard, where Nena could relieve herself.

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And there, in the living room, Dulce saw a luminous silver object about a meter in diameter, which was shaped like an inverted horseshoe. This object hovered above the floor and for some reason the devout Dulce mistook it for an Angel.

“When my wife saw this object, she immediately knelt down and began to pray. She was still holding our dog in her arms and asked this “Angel” that if he was truly an Angel, then let him make sure that her dog Nena did not suffer from of his illness.”

A few minutes later, Dulce began calling her husband and asking him to come downstairs. Ray did not want to get out of bed and then she herself went upstairs and pulled him out of bed.

He asked her “What happened?”, but she just said “You will see for yourself, you will see…”.

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“I followed my wife down the stairs. She stopped next to Nena, who was lying on the floor, still completely paralyzed, on her back. Then my wife and dog disappeared right before my eyes! Almost immediately after that, I entered my a kind of hypnotic trance. It was as if you were in a state of awakening from a dream, half conscious, half in a dream world.”

According to Ray, while in this altered state of consciousness, he did not even think about what had just happened to his wife. He was completely stunned and looked at the strange object in his living room.

But if Dulce described this object as an inverted letter U, then Ray saw in front of him a glowing multi-colored translucent object of a rectangular shape. Only its dimensions were still the same, about a meter in diameter. The object hovered at a height of about 120 cm above the living room floor. Ray called this object the “Plasma Energy Creature”.

Then he developed a kind of tunnel vision, thanks to which he could only see the space that was about a meter around the object. The rest of the living room was hidden from his view.

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Ray couldn’t understand what was happening, and didn’t even think about his wife and dog, who had just disappeared into thin air right before his eyes. Automatically, he went up to the bedroom on the second floor, went to bed and quickly fell asleep. According to Ray, this Plasma Energy Being then completely controlled his consciousness.

“I immediately fell asleep…and I don’t remember having any conscious thoughts during those 45 minutes. After I ‘woke up’ from this semi-conscious hypnotic trance, I ran down the stairs.”

Entering the living room, Ray Hernandez saw his wife and dog Nena materialize in the same place where they had disappeared 45 minutes earlier. Dulce began dancing around the room and playing with the fully healed Nena, who was jumping and hopping back and forth as if she was a puppy again. At the same time, Dulce joyfully shouted: “An angel cured her!”

“My reaction to it was like an ATOMIC BOMB exploded in my head. My reality was completely shattered. I just couldn’t cope with what had just happened.

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“About a week later we took Nena to our vet Phil Cruz and he asked us what was wrong with her. We were too embarrassed to tell him what really happened and instead told him we changed her diet. He couldn’t believe us because what happened was unbelievable.

“We asked him if we should continue giving her the previously prescribed arthritis pills and diuretics and he said no because she is very healthy now.

“We immediately stopped giving her any medications and she lived for about another year, spending these eleven months in the rhythm of the life of a young dog.

“And then, in the last two weeks of her life, she quickly “sank” to such a level that we finally had to euthanize her at Phil’s clinic. It was at this time that we finally told Phil what really happened.

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“Phil looked at me and my wife with a very strange look and completely ignored our statement about why Nena was actually cured. We realized how crazy he thought we were both and changed the subject. He then continued his conversation as if nothing had happened. This is exactly how almost all of our friends reacted when we told them about our UFO experience.”

According to Ray Hernandez, his wife does not remember anything about what happened to her in those 45 minutes when she disappeared and he was passed out. It was a classic episode of “missing time” among abducted UFOs.

She did not remember leaving the living room at all and she is also firmly convinced that she saw an object of a completely different shape than the one her husband saw.

According to Dulce, it was as if there were no 45 missing minutes for her. She didn’t feel any gap between the time she called Ray down to the living room and the time she ran around the living room with the cured dog.

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According to ufologist Preston Dennett, the case of the dog Nena is only the fourth case known in ufology of UFOs curing animals.

Other cases involve an injured rooster that was healed by strange “rays of light” and two dogs that became much more energetic and lively after the sighting of the UFO.

Interestingly, there is also an even more unique case where extraterrestrial beings were concerned about the state of plants. In particular, ufologist Diana Tessman reported an incident in which a forestry worker came face to face with an alien who gave him advice on how to keep forest trees healthy.

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