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Skinwalker Ranch: What Paranormal Phenomena Are Happening There

Skinwalker Ranch is hands down one of the most mysterious places on Earth, crossing over into nearly every category of the paranormal world. Where else could UFO sightings be linked with poltergeist-like activity, interdimensional portals, shapeshifting humanoids and mutant wolf encounters?

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The indefatigable paranormal author Joni Mayan took on the task of delving into this inscrutable and profoundly disturbing mystery.

It’s a subject deserving of the space we are now about to devote to it, and we believe strongly that you will be shocked and petrified when you start fully absorbing the nuances of this multi-generational enigma that can rightly be called the greatest sustained paranormal mystery of all time.

Skinwalker ranch

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Without further ado, here’s the Ghost Diaries report on Skinwalker Ranch, penned by Joni Mayhan.

Skinwalker Ranch: The Most Top Secret Paranormal Mystery of the Century

Located in the eerie Uintah Basin of northeastern Utah and surrounded on three sides by mountains and cliffs, Skinwalker Ranch has been the source of thousands of UFO type sightings and strange encounters reported by intrepid journalists who have dared to trespass on this private property.

The general consensus is that some kind of above top secret paranormal experimentation has been taking place there, but to truly understand how creepy and mysterious Skinwalker Ranch is you have to know the history and the context.

Some people have attributed the phenomena to the original Navajo legend of the Skinwalker.

The Navajo Origins of the Skinwalker

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By definition, a Skinwalker is a person, usually of Native American origin, who has the ability to transform into an animal of their choice.

In the Navajo culture, Skinwalkers can assume different forms, based on their need. If they want to fly, they can be a bird, then transform into a wolf when they reach their destination.

Due to their inhuman bursts of speed, they are nearly impossible to catch and can only be killed if they are mortally injured in the neck region.

Skinwalkers are often lurkers, standing outside windows or approaching people on lonely highways. They can read minds to know what scares people and then use that information to instill fear and control their victims.

Skinwalkers in the Uintah Basin

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The legend of the Skinwalker in the Uintah Basin area reportedly started in the 1800’s, when European colonists began moving further west, pushing out the Native American tribes who had resided there for more than a thousand years.

During the Civil War, some Ute members allegedly took orders from Kit Carson in the battle against the Navajo, resulting in a curse on the land.

Some believe a Skinwalker was created in the process and that it still lives in the heart of the basin in a place called Shadow Canyon. Local tribe members avoid the area at all costs for fear of angering it.

An Interdimensional Doorway?

Shaman healer Michael Robishaw feels there’s even more to the Uintah Basin area than the legends suggest. He believes the area might be an interdimensional doorway to another realm.

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“I think it’s a portal but also has the spiritual basis of Native American rituals of an ancient origin that may be so old that even tribal elders don’t even have the whole story of such an active place. It may be where the past meets the future,” he said.

Paranormal Activity at the Skinwalker Ranch

What started out as a local legend would quickly gain national exposure, opening up a sea of interest and speculation. It would soon become perhaps the most thoroughly researched paranormal hot-spot in the world, while providing its fair share of controversies and conspiracy theories in the process.

In 1994, Terry and Gwen Sherman started the ball rolling when they purchased a 480-acre ranch in the basin area. It was a beautiful parcel of land with a picturesque ridge in the background, framing the rugged terrain, meandering stream and a fringe of boxwood trees on the property.

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They hoped to realize their dreams of starting a cattle ranch, breeding top quality animals, while raising their two children in the scenic surroundings.

Initially, the Sherman’s were curious about why such a beautiful ranch had sat unoccupied for seven years?

They got their answer shortly after moving in. The oddities began piling up, one by one. They found heavy iron stakes with metal chains at each end of the house, as though someone had chained up large animals to guard the doors.

Padlocks were bolted onto many of the doors, inside and out, suggesting that previous occupants were concerned for their safety. None of it made any sense to the new ranch owners, but they shrugged it off without giving it much thought. That would change, soon enough.

An Enormous, Indestructible Wolf

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The day they moved their belongings into the small ranch cabin, they received their first dose of reality. A large wolf approached them as they stood outside with Terry’s father, Ed.

It was larger than any wolf the couple had ever seen, possibly weighing as much as two-hundred pounds. Both Terry and his father were over six feet tall and the wolf was easily chest height on both of them.

Nothing about the wolf suggested hostility. It acted like a lost pet, eager for attention. While they were initially leery of the animal, primarily due to its size, their concerns fell away quickly as the massive animal began brushing up against the two men, smelling strongly of wet dog.

Gwen stood off to the side, keeping a close eye on her two children who were standing on a flatbed trailer, watching the scene unfold. After she grew more comfortable with the situation, she called the kids over to the animal, who showered it with attention and begged to keep it as a pet.

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But Terry knew from experience that wolves were cunning predators, and he’d just unloaded several prized angus calves into a nearby pen. After a few moments, the wolf darted over to the pen and brazenly grabbed a calf by the head and attempted to pull it through the bars of the corral.

Sherman and his father attempted to save the calf by kicking the wolf in the ribs and then beating it with a stick of wood, but the wolf wasn’t deterred.

“Get my Magnum,” Terry called to his son, Tad.

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As soon Terry got his gun, he shot the wolf twice at point-blank range. Both bullets hit their mark, which should have killed the enormous beast, but it was unfazed by the assault.

It continued trying to pull the distressed calf from the pen, showing no signs of injury. Terry shot the wolf a third time, which finally seemed to get the animal’s attention.

It released its hold on the calf and backed off a few feet, but still didn’t run away, which would have been normal wolf behavior. Terry took aim and shot the animal a fourth time, striking it in the heart with what should have been a fatal blow, but the wolf still wasn’t harmed.

The sense of panic was nearly palpable. Why wouldn’t it die?

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Not knowing what else to do, Terry’s father retrieved a shotgun from his truck and shot the wolf again. This time, the results were visible. A flurry of fur and flesh flew into the air, the bullet undeniably hitting its mark.

Instead of falling to the ground dead, the wolf backed off several more feet and continued to regard them with its icy blue stare. What was it going to take to bring down this beast?

Ed took aim again and shot the beast in the chest, sending more fur and flesh flying. The wolf stared at them for a moment before calmly loping away. When they attempted to pursue it, they were mystified to discover that the tracks suddenly ended. It was as though the wolf vanished into thin air.

The wolf sighting was only a prelude to what would happen next. The family began noticing other odd occurrences around the ranch, including strange balls of light that seem to hover in the sky.

Strange Voices, Faces at the Window, Apparitions, Objects Disappearing

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Along with the orbs, they also saw peculiar lights in the sky and voices that seemed to come from directly above their heads. They started seeing faces at the windows, which turned into apparitions standing at the foot of their beds.

Members of the family began having terrifying nightmares and objects began disappearing, only to reappear somewhere else.

One day, Gwen carried in groceries from the car and unloaded them onto the counter, preparing to put them away. She turned around, distracted by something. When she turned back, all the groceries were back in the bags, as though she’d never unpacked them. The strangeness only increased from there.

Cattle Mutilations

They began smelling a strong musky scent that couldn’t be explained. They also began finding their prized cattle dead in the fields, mutilated beyond belief. Some had their genital areas mutilated, while another had its eye completely removed, as if done surgically.

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Cattle began disappearing at an alarming rate, which was detrimental to Terry’s ranching business.

He lost twenty percent of his herd in two years, which is excessive compared to the normal one percent rate that most ranchers in the area face. The orbs of light seemed particularly intrigued by the cattle, often lingering over their heads.

Terry wasn’t certain what to do about his losses. His cattle weren’t ordinary cows. They were prized cattle that cost him thousands of dollars.

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Having them disappear so mysteriously was disconcerting, to say the least, especially considering many of them vanished without a trace, leaving a trail of hoof imprints behind them.

Things would only get worse.

More Strange Animals and Lights

Lights would appear out of the sky, blanketing the entire area to near daylight conditions. Strange animals were often seen roaming around the ranch.

Bright tropical birds were spotted in the trees, and their dogs became so fearful of the activity, they cowered in their dog houses and refused to come out, even for food and water. Six of their outdoor cats disappeared in a single night.

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The final straw came one night when their dogs began chasing one of the strange orbs of light. Terry Sherman encouraged the dogs to chase it, and they quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Moments later, he heard the undeniable sounds of the animals yelping. They pursued the sound, but could find no trace of the animals. The next morning, they discovered three scorched circles in the ground with gooey lumps of liquefied flesh in the centers. Something had killed the dogs. Enough was enough.

Life on the ranch wasn’t what they imagined. The financial losses from the missing cattle were nearly bankrupting them.

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The children’s grades were dropping and sleeping was becoming a real issue for the family due to the constant activity and nightmares. Towards the end, they were all sleeping together in the same room, hoping for safety in numbers.

After telling their story to a journalist at a Salt Lake City newspaper, the Shermans were approached by an unusual buyer.

Skinwalker Ranch Changes Ownership…Turns Into Paranormal Research Facility

In 1996, hotel entrepreneur Bigelow paid the Shermans $200,000 for their ranch and turned it into a research facility to study the paranormal events, founding NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science, to formalize the project.

Over a period of time, he hired psychologists, engineers, physicists, and biologists to aid in his research, and he locked down the ranch, hiring former military security guards to keep it protected from outsiders. He established a science advisory board and brought in state of the art equipment.

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The tables were turning at Skinwalker Ranch. The hunters were now being hunted.

During the early days at the ranch, the NIDS team consisted of a veterinarian, a physicist, and a biochemist.

Even though the Shermans moved to a ranch twenty-five miles away, Terry Sherman agreed to stay on as the ranch manager, caring for the livestock both he and NIDS brought in to act as bait for the paranormal activity. Teams investigated the ranch in pairs, often bringing a dog along with them as they made their rounds.

One of the researchers hired for the ranch was Ph.D. Colm A. Kelleher, a biochemist with fifteen years of cell and molecular biology experience. Kelleher became the deputy administrator of NIDS, and among other things, documented the events that transpired at the ranch.

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The team’s veterinarian inspected the cattle, finding no outwards cause of death. The bodies were too far along in their decomposition for any further analysis to be done, so they tucked the information away, hoping it would make more sense later.

George Knapp, a respected journalist who was known for his work on another UFO story, that brought him both fame and disdain from his fellow journalists, joined the team. Never before had so many resources been provided for the sake of paranormal research. He was anxious to see what they would uncover.

Soon after arriving on the ranch, Knapp had his first experience with the glowing orb lights. Two groups were stationed in different areas of the ranch to watch for activity.

As Knapp’s group waited for something to happen, they saw a bright yellow orb of light shoot out from behind the ridge. It moved silently, but swiftly, at the speed of a jet airplane. To their amazement, it circled in a perfect 360 loop before shooting back across the ridge.

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The event happened so unexpectedly, the only photos they were able to capture didn’t properly document the event. They would have to settle for the personal experience.

Intelligent but Maniacal On-Site Predator

It wasn’t until January of 1997, that activity at the Skinwalker Ranch began to majorly escalate. Terry Sherman called with news of more activity. This time, instead of mysterious orbs, more cows had been mutilated.

In the midst of an intense snowstorm, with temperatures plummeting to minus thirty degrees, three calves were found with odd wounds on their ears and eyes. Two of the calves had circular spots cut out of their eyelids, while the third calf’s ears had been shredded, as if cut with scissors.

The veterinarian called to inspect them found the injuries to be strange, especially considering they occurred during the midst of a major snowstorm.

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Typically, natural predators, such as coyotes and wolves don’t hunt in such dire weather conditions. After another calf mutilation occurred in broad daylight a month later, the researchers were more perplexed than ever.

What was going on at Skinwalker Ranch?

The NIDS team flew in from Nevada after receiving Sherman’s second call and were shocked at what they saw. The eighty-five pound dead calf was spayed out, nearly spread-eagle.

One of its legs had been yanked from the knee socket with brute force and was placed away from the body as though it were staged. All the calf’s internal organs were missing and the body was entirely drained of blood. There wasn’t so much as a drop of blood on or around the body. This definitely wasn’t the work of a natural predator.

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As they stood at the scene, scratching their heads in wonder, they noticed the mother cow standing nearby. She had her head down and was in a state of agitation, having witnessed something the researchers could only guess about.

The team veterinarian inspected the calf, coming upon a strange discovery. One of the calf’s ears was missing. It had been cut neatly down to the skull, not torn off. If a predator had done this, the flesh would have been ragged and ripped, but this one was removed with surgical precision.

Even stranger, the ear that was removed had sported a large yellow tag, used to identify the cow. They searched the entire ranch, looking for the tag, but never found it. It was almost as though the unseen predator was taking souvenirs, like some maniacal serial killer.

Even the ranch dogs seemed shaken by the series of events. Instead of greeting the men with wagging tails, they cowered in their pens, obviously traumatized. It took them two days to come out of their pens, but even then they were still visibly uneasy. Something was undeniably still lurking in the area.

Giant Bird of Prey?

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Later that night, the researchers were alerted by the sound of the dogs barking and howling. They looked around the immediate vicinity, but couldn’t see what was causing the ruckus.

They jumped into the farm truck and began scouring the area, using the truck’s spotlight to inspect the outlying areas. Nothing seemed amiss until they came to a clump of trees.

One of the cows was hunkered beneath the trees, separated from the rest of the heard, a typical sign that the animal was in distress. When the men got out of the truck to check on her, their lights caught the glow of amber eyes in the tree above her.

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Thinking it was a large cat, they shot the beast with a high-powered rifle. The second the shot rang out, the amber eyes disappeared, but when they searched the area, they could find no trace of the beast. It was as though it disappeared before their eyes.

The team searched the area, looking for tracks in the snow, but didn’t find anything. Surely if something ran away, it would have left tracks behind. As they continued to hunt for the predator, they came upon a startling sight.

Instead of a cat footprint, they found what appeared to be the print of a giant bird of prey. It was nearly six inches in diameter, with two sharp claw marks protruding from the rear.

Alarmed, they searched the area further and found another single print twenty feet away. By the depth of the print, they judged the animal to be large and heavy, unlike anything they’d ever seen on the ranch.

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The following month more strange events unrolled that would force them to question their own sanity.

Magnetic Anomalies That Defy Explanation

Four of Terry’s prized bulls disappeared from their pen. The disappearance was strange on several levels. Anyone who understands bull behavior knows that bulls aren’t easily maneuvered like prized ponies.

Moving them from one area to another typically requires time and planning. Having them disappear in the blink of the eye in broad daylight was incomprehensible.

They looked everywhere but couldn’t find them. As a last resort, Terry checked the small cattle trailer that was near the fence and was shocked to find the four bulls tightly loaded inside.

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Even more concerning was the fact that the trailer was still locked with wire wrapped tightly around the clasp. Thick cobwebs bracketed the edges of the doorway, as well. Whatever had moved the cattle into the trailer had done so without using the door.

When they opened the doors, the bulls seemingly woke up from a trance state and assumed a high level of agitation, bashing against the sides of the trailer and each other in their attempts to get out. Terry wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Loading one of the bulls into the trailer would have been difficult, but loading all four in was impossible, especially considering the size of the space. Keeping them there quietly until someone happened upon them went beyond the realm of believability.

Once they unloaded the bulls, they inspected the corral with their equipment. To their amazement, they discovered that the bars of the corral were highly magnetized.

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The readings were especially high near the area where the trailer butted against the fence. What would cause the bars to become magnetized? They couldn’t understand it. They continued to check the levels, watching them drop steadily for forty-eight hours until they reached a zero reading.

The magnetic mystery continued for several more days as they randomly picked up strong readings around the ranch. Interestingly enough, the high levels of magnetism seemed to be affecting the animals on the ranch, as well. When the researchers saw a high reading, the cows and dogs were often reacting as though they were seeing something the humans couldn’t detect.

Using this information, they decided to watch the dogs more carefully. They constructed several pens around the property and built platforms where they could observe the activity.

Almost immediately, strange things began happening to the pens themselves. Padlocks would disappear and gates would open of their own accord, with no explanation regarding how it happened.

UFOs and Entities at Skinwalker Ranch: What is Really Going On

Retired schoolteacher and local UFO expert, Joe “Junior” Hicks has documented over 400 UFO sightings in the area, after witnessing a craft pass over the school where he taught.

“The UFO activity really started getting intense in the early ‘50s,” he said. “There were cases where the whole school and all the teachers saw these things hovering over the town in broad daylight.

In the ‘60s and ‘70’s, we probably had more UFO sightings than any place in the world,” Hicks said in an article published by George Knapp in the Las Vegas Mercury.

The strange orbs of light have continued to plague the ranch, as well. The lights appear out of nowhere, radiating with an intense glow and possessing a sort of responsive intelligence no one can pinpoint.

At times, the lights appear to chase the cattle and even threaten the human occupants of the ranch if they attempt to come close. The activity doesn’t fit any of the known patterns of UFO sightings.

Typically, the UFOs appear high in the sky, shying away from human contact, but these orbs are afraid of nothing. Like the other phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch, capturing them on film has proven difficult to impossible. Every time the NIDS team attempted to film them, the photos would come out blurry and unremarkable.

By August of 1997, the light anomaly phenomenon became even stranger, with several orbs appearing at the same time, zipping around the fields.

Even though they set up cameras on poles around the ranch, they weren’t able to catch much of the activity on film. Whatever was plaguing the ranch refused to be recorded.

A Large Black Faceless Humanoid Appears From A Portal

One night, while the NIDS team was observing the ranch from atop a bluff, they noticed a faint yellow light appear 150 feet away from them. One of the researchers grabbed a pair of binoculars, watching in stunned silence as the yellow light grew larger and transformed into a tunnel.

“Something’s in the tunnel,” the man with the binoculars said, clearly in a panic.

As he watched, a large black faceless humanoid form lumbered out of the tunnel and walked away. The yellow light then slowly faded until it was completely gone.

As the researchers tried to make sense of what they’d just witnessed, they came to the horrific realization that whatever had climbed out of the tunnel was now sharing the darkness with them.

They spent the rest of the night and most of the next day searching for footprints or signs of the creature’s presence, but came up empty handed once again.

Extraterrestrials, or Some Kind of Responsive Consciousness

The activity continued well into 1999. They still saw the strange orb lights, but still couldn’t fully capture them on camera. The researchers began finding the cameras dismantled or missing altogether. The entities were not only elusive, but were also knowledgeable about technology, as well.

According to one NIDS researcher, “It isn’t as simple as saying that ETs or flying saucers are doing it. It’s some kind of consciousness, but it’s always something new and different, something non-repeatable.

It’s reactive to people and equipment, and we set up the ranch to be a proving ground for the scientific method, but science doesn’t seem amenable to the solution of these kinds of problems.”

Alien head

Strange Beast-Like Creatures Appear

Terry and Gwen were leaving the ranch one day to head back to their new ranch when they saw something dart across the field where they kept several horses.

Thinking it was a dog attacking one of the horses, Terry stopped the truck and jumped out, only to realize the strange beast wasn’t a dog at all….

It was unlike anything the rancher had ever seen. It looked like a brownish-red hyena with a large bushy tail. As the creature saw him coming, it retreated up a slope and disappeared into thin air, leaving no tracks behind.

When Terry came back to check on the horses, he was horrified to see that both horses had bloody claw marks on their hocks. While it was proof the horses were attacked, it wasn’t the proof the NIDS team was looking for. So far, nearly everything they’d witnessed couldn’t be documented.

More Creepy Eye Witness Encounters at Skinwalker Ranch

In August 1977, Jay Barker and a group of friends and family hiked the High Uintah Mountains, hoping to catch fish in the Cooper Basin. After having dismal results, he suggested they climb the ridge and go down to Fish Lake, a place he’d had success fishing before.

As they climbed the ridge, he looked down and saw something that was black and white. Initially, he thought it was an elk, but as he watched it stand upright, he realized he was looking at a bipedal creature.

It had a black body, but had white hair on the back of its neck. As it walked around the pond, they could see it swinging its arms and walking upright on two legs.

“It was just enormous, a huge creature with lots of weight to it and mass,” he says on the YouTube video of his experience. They observed the creature for approximately three minutes, as it made its way around the pond.

Another Bigfoot sighting was reported in 2014 near Sundance, Utah, which is 53 miles south of Salt Lake City. As a couple was driving in the Provo Canyon, they saw something in the trees and began filming as they were driving, not realize they had captured something on their camera until they got home.

One of the UFO enthusiasts drawn to the area was Ryan Skinner. A native of Wisconsin, Ryan began investigating the ranch in 2007 after having a terrifying encounter in the Uintah Basin. In his book Skinwalker Ranch: Path of the Skinwalker, he documented his forays into the basin.

In December of 2006, Ryan and his fiancé , Irnya, took a trip from Wisconsin to Las Vegas, where they planned to get married. During a long drive down a deserted road in Utah, he turned the wheel over to Irnya so he could rest his eyes for a while. He was brought out of a light slumber by the sound of his fiancé screaming.
“What is that?” she shrieked.

Ryan jolted upright, immediately noticing a red light reflecting off the Jeep’s rear view mirror. At first, he thought it was just a reflection from a streetlight, but as he looked closer, he realized the light was coming from a red glowing object looming overhead. It almost looked like a red sparkler suspended high in the air. As he stared in awe, he could make out the long rectangular shape of a craft in the glow.

Irnya pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road, and Ryan jumped out for a closer look. To his amazement, the glowing ball of light hovered five feet off the ground, only thirty feet from their Jeep. He stared into the light, mesmerized by the sight. He was drawn out of his near-hypnotic gaze by the sound of Irnya screaming his name.

He turned to see three hazy figures walking towards them from another direction. They definitely weren’t human. His fight or flight instincts kicked in and he yelled for Irnya to get in the car. They sped away, but the red glowing orb continued to stalk them.

They raced down the highway and pulled in at the nearest rest stop, hoping to find someone to help them. The parking lot was full of empty semis and parked cars, but even though he leaned on his horn, nobody emerged from their vehicles.

After a minute, the strange light faded off into the distance, as though growing bored of them. Confused and afraid, they got back in the Jeep and continued on their way.They drove for several miles before they realized the light was back. It was following them again.

Ryan’s first instinct was to run, but his sense of curiosity took over. While the threat was real, he was still running away from the kind of paranormal experience he’d spent most of his life searching for. He turned around and eventually captured some of the events on video, before the light faded away, once more.

They relaxed, thinking they had survived the event, only to discover the lights hadn’t left after all. They just relocated to the side of the car. He rolled down the window to get a better look and was shocked to discover that the lights were mutating into alien faces.

The strange beings drifted closer to the car, giving them a full view of their faces and strange, tight-fitting clothing. Ryan fumbled for the camera, wanting to document the event, but it wouldn’t turn on. The battery was dead. It was definitely time to get out of there.

He tried to start the car, but the ignition only gave a halfhearted attempt to turn over. The entities outside the window were clearly in control. Several long moments passed before the beings finally faded away, leaving Ryan with a mystery he’d spend the rest of his life pursuing.

After his experience, he began researching the area in earnest, which led him to the story about Skinwalker Ranch. After reading the article, he realized the ranch was just south of where they had their encounter.

A year later, he made his first foray to the ranch, armed with paranormal gear and a passion to learn more about the area that had made such an impact on his life. While there, he encountered another strange orb of light that chased him off the Skinwalker Ranch property, leaving him shaken but perplexed.

In his repeat visits to the ranch, he encountered many things he couldn’t explain, including more of the hovering light orbs, as well as a giant wolf-like creature, similar to the one the Sherman’s experienced.

Even stranger, both he and his brother, who accompanied him on the second trip, experienced hallucinogenic voices and pictures in their heads, as though the entities were trying to communicate telepathically. If that were the case, the message wasn’t a pleasant one. It was clear that whatever was on the ranch wanted them gone.

Youtube video uploaded by Ryan Skinner showing a possible UFO landing:

In his follow-up book, Skinwalker Ranch: No Trespassing, Ryan dug deeper into the history of the Uintah Basin, as well as the phenomena that has been reported there.

He interviewed several former security guards from the ranch, as well as documented accounts from local residents. Ryan set up a website regarding the Skinwalker Ranch, where he shares and collects information about the ranch.

Jesse Ventura, known from his days as a professional wrestler, shot an episode of his television show Conspiracy Theory for TruTV at the ranch, digging into the theories surrounding the coverup of information.

They too had electronic issues, as though the ranch entities were taking over the equipment and preventing further documentation. The episode can be viewed here:

In August 2013, another television show visited the area. Joe Rogan, a popular television personality, also filmed an episode of his show Joe Rogan Questions Everything at Skinwalker Ranch. The episode can be viewed here:

Although updated information regarding UFO sightings at Skinwalker Ranch is nearly impossible to obtain, residents in the Uintah Basin continue to report sightings. Corey Serawop, from Fort Duchesne, Utah, witnessed bright flashes of blue and red lights, followed by a flash of green light in 2012 outside the Red Pine Residential Treatment Center, where he worked.

“The outside was green, you could see the trees, you could see the basketball hoop just like a light was on, a floodlight, it was so cool,” he said of the incident. “I still get chills thinking about that, like it’s just so unreal.” he said in an article in the Uintah Basin Standard.

Serawop set up a Facebook page to collect information from others in his area who have also experienced strange activity. The responses range from flashes of lights in the skies to a strange black being that hops from rooftop to rooftop.

Trying To Make Sense Of It All

Theories about Skinwalker Ranch continue to circulate, but no one has yet to make any sense of the occurrences. Could it be extraterrestrials, keeping tabs on the human race? Or perhaps it’s a portal to another dimension, where creatures travel to and from our world.

One report that was recently released was rather frightening. The Uintah Basin has a higher than normal rate of stillborn babies. While researchers blame the issue on pollution, others aren’t so easily convinced. Is it due to poor air quality, or could it be something else?

The mysteries of Skinwalker Ranch might never be solved, but the intrigue has settled permanently into the minds of its followers. There is no place like it in the world.

Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and author. Her chilling paranormal books Bones in the Basement, Devil’s Toy Box, and The Soul Collector can be found on, source:

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