Six Haunted Household Items

haunted-itemsHas your favourite armchair ever felt a bit… off? Or perhaps your rolling pin has mysteriously disappeared? Then you’re not alone – because yes, household items and furniture can, allegedly, be haunted too.

Don’t believe us? Woodenfurniturestore.co.uk has explored some of the world’s most haunted objects with six spine tingling cases of creepy goings on…

The haunted conjure chest (South Carolina, USA)

During the middle of the 19th Century, Jacob Cooley murdered a slave named Hosea for building a chest which did not meet his standards.

Hosea’s fellow slaves took revenge, asking a conjurer to curse the chest – leading to the death of seventeen people close to Cooley, including his first-born son. The curse was later lifted by a ‘conjure woman’, and the chest now resides in the Kentucky History Museum.

The ghost cane (Indiana, USA)

When Mary Anderson’s grandson saw the ghost of his grandfather in the family home, she decided to ease the boy’s fears by selling grandpa’s old cane. The winning bidder was asked to write a letter to the youngster letting him know that the cane was doing ok – and the $65,000 walking stick is now housed in Antigua’s Golden Palace Casino.

The haunted bunk beds (Wisconsin, USA)

The case of the haunted bunk beds became infamous in 1987, when Alan and Debby Tallman’s purchase from a local junk shop led to nine months of terror. Radios would switch stations unexpectedly, the children became ill and there were even sightings of a witch-like figure at night.

The family reached out to a pastor and, for a while, the house settled down – until Christmas 1988, when Mr. Tallman heard a voice beckoning him to the garage, where a blazing inferno appeared before vanishing instantly. The events were so notorious they featured on popular US programme Unsolved Mysteries.

The crying boy painting (across the United Kingdom)

Bruno Amadio’s portrait of a weeping child hit the headlines in the 1980s when a Yorkshire firefighter claimed to have noticed the painting left unscathed at the scene of numerous house fires, leading to rumours that it was cursed.

Tabloid newspapers in the United Kingdom organised bonfire burnings of the painting to rid the country of the curse.

The haunted mirror (Louisiana, USA)

In 1817, a slave called Chloe was caught eavesdropping on a conversation and punished by having an ear cut off. Covering her wound with a green turban, Chloe sought to win back her master’s affection by poisoning his family before nursing them back to health – but got the dosages wrong, killing the wife and two children. Chloe confessed to fellow slaves who, fearing blame, killed her.

Tradition dictated that when a family member died, all mirrors should be covered to allow the soul to pass over to the other side – but one mirror in the house was left uncovered, and ever since visitors have reported seeing a dark-skinned ghost wearing a turban, while a mirror at the house – which is now a bed and breakfast – is said to contain the trapped souls of the wife and children.

The chair of death (Pennsylvania, USA)

Pennsylvania’s Baelroy Mansion hosts hundreds of priceless historical artefacts – but none as famous as the ‘chair of death’. The 200-year old chair is believed to have belonged to Napoleon – but the ghost which haunts the piece of furniture takes the form of a young woman named Amelia, who appears in a blue haze.

The chair obtained its name after four people died shortly after sitting on it, and it is said that the same fate will befall anyone who dares to sit there.

Ever had any spooky goings on with your furniture or household items? Share your paranormal experiences in the Comments box below.

Source: home.bt.com

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