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Shadow people

Shadow People – Friendly or Something to be Feared?

Shadow peopleBy Christina Schumacher

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Fearing shadow people seems to make sense but, since we do not understand them, maybe they are more than meets the eye and, perhaps, they are even friendly. Blacker than the black of night, sometimes elusive, sometimes coming into full view, no facial features, red eyes, a cloak and/or hat, quick moving – these are the descriptions given by witnesses who have encountered the unexplained beings known as “shadow people.” The question remains as to whether these beings are friendly or something to be feared.

Personal Experience

My encounter with shadow people occurred while I was driving, and the encounters took place over the span of about one month. I would see them, peripherally, standing by the side of the road and they would jump out in front of my car, causing me to slam on the brakes.

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Later, they stopped this game and took to jumping out in front of me when I was walking. I made comment that was more suitable than jumping in front of my car and I have not seen them since.

Shadow People Encounters Research

After my own encounter, I began researching this phenomenon. Research entailed reading through hundreds of personal experiences involving these unexplained entities from online websites where people willingly shared their encounters.

Interestingly, only about one in every thirty stories mentioned shadow people having red, evil looking eyes. The rest of the encounters described only that the shadow person was blacker than black, seemingly male, with no distinguishing facial features. Perhaps one quarter made mention of a cloak and/or a hat, and a bare few claimed their shadow person was female.

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The reaction of the shadow people, upon being noticed, ranged from timidity to intimidation. Some, upon realizing they had been noticed, quickly faded or moved out of sight range. Others would stay in sight for several minutes and, seemingly, stare curiously back at the person encountering them.

There were some who seemed to intentionally stay for long periods, going so far as to stand at the foot of the bed or at the side of the bed. A rare few would bend forward and lean down, coming within inches of the witness’s face. Despite how the shadow person reacted, in 99% of the encounters, the shadow people did not touch or harm the individual they were visiting.

Shadow people

Reaction to Encounters

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In at least 99% of the stories, people admitted to exhibiting fear, some calling their experience the scariest paranormal encounter they’ve ever experienced. The people who exhibited intense fear often had only one or two encounters. Many of the experiences where people reacted with intense fear coincided with the shadow person, as previously mentioned, fading quickly or moving out of sight range. The people who showed a lesser amount of fear were often the ones who had more encounters, sometimes having an up close and personal view of the shadow person.

Only about 1% of the people believed their encounter was of a spiritual nature and that the shadow person had come to give them a forewarning to some upcoming unpleasant event or was a type of guardian spirit.

Why Fear?

Anything of an unexplained nature which suddenly comes to our attention can create fear. That, mixed with the fact that the shadow people are black, tends to automatically make people believe that these entities could be evil as black is often depicted in movies as what is worn by witches, satanic cults, demons or “the bad guy.”

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Another depiction from the movies comes from evil often being shown with eyes that are blood shot, glowing, and red. The color red is also often related to possible bad experiences or negative emotions such as “He’s seeing red” meaning a person is extremely angry, or “red flags” meaning bad things to look out for.

The fact that black is the main color of these shadow people and some have the red eyes, causes immediate fear in most people upon their encounters due to being programmed, over the years, to believe these colors indicate something to be feared in the area of the unexplained.

Conclusions of the Findings

Though we may never know exactly what or who these shadow people are, from the comparisons of the encounters I studied as well as my own experience, it would appear that these shadow people have no intention of harming anyone.

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They appear to be quite curious, having a bit of a mischievous streak in them, determining exactly how far they can go before the person having the encounter actually does exhibit tremendous fear but, at that point, they seem to back off. Perhaps they are studying our fear and trying to determine if they can ever communicate with us.

With anything considered unknown, it is necessary to do our own research because the more we learn about something we do not understand, the less scary it becomes. Do the research and then you can determine for yourself if shadow people are friendly or something to actually be feared.

By Christina Schumacher

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