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Seven Answered Questions About Astral Travel for Beginners

1. What is Astral Travel?

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Astral travel can be an exciting yet daunting prospect for beginners. It is also referred to as having an out of body experience, as it is where a person’s consciousness leaves the physical body and enters into a parallel dimension known as the astral plane. It is different to dreaming, as dreams are a product of the brain and are imaginary. Astral travel, however, is a very real experience that occurs when people are consciously aware of what is happening and have the intention to visit and explore other realms.

2. Where Can I Go?

On your astral travel, your consciousness can go anywhere in the universe that you want. You can also interact with others who are travelling on the astral at the same time. But, when moving around in the astral try and avoid invading other people’s privacy.

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3. How Can I Prepare Myself?

Take good care of your physical body and your health. Weakness of the body or mind can inhibit your ability to go travelling on the astral plane, as it may not be possible to raise your vibrations to the required level. It can also affect the length of time that you are able to travel for.

Relax your mind and body completely. Meditation is an effective way of achieving total calmness and relaxation. Try using different ways to enter a meditative state. Some people find that focusing on an object or image helps to block out other unwanted thoughts. Others use mantras and affirmations as an aural focus. Concentration on breathing is often useful, as people direct their thoughts solely to the flow of air entering and leaving the body, paying attention to each breath. Whatever style of meditation you choose to use, when unwanted thoughts pop into your mind just accept them and then let them drift away giving them no great weight.

Work at opening your chakras. Opening the chakras can greatly assist with the ability to be able to astral project at will.

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Binaural beats can help beginners with astral travel, by tuning the brain into the necessary frequencies. Different sounds enter each ear to affect each side of the brain. It is therefore imperative that you use headphones to allow the necessary sounds to be directed to the correct place. You will find that these sounds help you with meditations and with projections.

Do not be tempted to try any stimulants, herbs or drugs to enhance an experience. A clear and focused mind is all that you need.

4. How do I do it?

There are several methods used for separating the consciousness from the physical body in order to experience astral travel. You should try different methods to find which way works the best for you. You could try visualising yourself floating free from your body and leaving it behind whilst you go exploring. You could try imagining using a fixed, solid and immoveable object to pull yourself free from your body. You could try imagining your conscious self rolling out of your body. A further technique is to imagine using a rope to climb out of yourself.

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Vary the time of day that you try to travel. As with the methods used, the times of day that people find the most effective can vary.

5. I’ve Tried and I Can’t ….. What am I Doing Wrong?

Be patient if you are unable to experience astral travel to begin with. It can take some time for a beginner to master the correct techniques. Keep trying, and do not lose heart. Know that it is possible and will eventually happen. You must also have a strong desire to go astral travelling, as without this wish, will, and intention you are unlikely to reach the level of vibration necessary for it to happen.

6. How Long Can I Travel for?

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A projection can last from a few seconds up to a few hours. It is rare though for people to spend this long on the astral plane. Quickly move away from your body when you find yourself outside of it. This will stop you from being instantly pulled back inside and enable you to spend longer exploring.

7. What Happens if I’m Scared?

Do not be afraid of travelling. Fear is often the biggest reason that people find they are unable to fully leave their body and project themselves. Accept that it is a new and different experience but that there is no reason to be frightened or fearful. Accept new sensations and feelings. Some people are afraid of losing their way in the astral and not being able to reconnect with their body; this cannot happen. Throughout your travels you will remain linked to your body by a flow of energy called the silver cord. This means that you can always find your way back. The only way that the silver cord is broken is by death, so rest assured that you cannot inadvertently sever it whilst out of your body.


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