SETI senior astronomer doesn’t trust UFO whistleblower David Grush

Not everyone has been convinced by the claims made by David Grusch regarding recovered UFOs and ‘non-human biologics’.

In a recent article for MSNBC, Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the SETI Institute for over 20 years, expressed his criticism of Grusch’s claims, citing a lack of corroborating evidence.

Grusch had asserted that he had interviewed numerous witnesses who had encountered UFOs and even claimed to have been injured by them. He also claimed knowledge of a long-standing government effort to retrieve these objects for the purpose of reverse engineering.

Shostak, however, questioned the absence of compelling evidence. He remarked, “Where is the evidence? It’s MIA.

Neither Grusch nor anyone else with alleged knowledge of secret government UAP programs has publicly presented convincing photographs of alien technology strewn across the landscape.”

According to Shostak, if such evidence existed, scientists would be eager to study and analyze it, and the authorities would likely make it available for scientific exploration.

He questioned the purpose of concealing extraterrestrial technology in a hangar in Nevada and why the scientific community would be excluded from studying it.

He concluded by highlighting the vast potential benefits, including information, technological advancements, and significant financial incentives, that would arise from openly sharing any evidence of extraterrestrial technology.

“What would be the goal, at this point, of shutting out the scientific community. The information, technology and — importantly — wealth incentives here seem overwhelming.”

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Jake Carter

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