SETI astrophysicist promises humans will encounter aliens by 2036

Humans will meet representatives of intelligent alien civilization in 2036. This prediction was made by astrophysicist Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute, according to Popular Mechanics.

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The expert’s conclusion is based on the fact that every few years the power of computers doubles, which will help people find extraterrestrial civilizations.

“In order to analyze huge amounts of data received from space, significant computing resources are needed, so it can be assumed that with the development of computers, analysis will be seriously accelerated,” he explained.

By 2036, computers will be powerful enough to be able to find technology signatures that point to aliens.

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Technosignatures are what we humans would recognize as signs of technologically-advanced activity. The best-known example is radio signals, which SETI researchers have spent the past few decades searching for. But there are many others signatures that have not been explored fully, and more are being conceived of all the time.

These include laser emissions, which could be used for optical communications or as a means of propulsion; signs of megastructures, which some believed were the reason behind the mysterious dimming of Tabby’s Star; or an atmosphere full of carbon dioxide, methane, CFCs, and other known pollutants

“We have to study millions of star systems to find traces of an advanced alien civilization,” the astrophysicist said.

However, the researcher notes, even if people manage to catch an alien signal, this does not mean that they will be able to establish communication with aliens.

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  1. The answer is the same as it has always been,,,”No one knows”…and anyone who claims to know differently is probably looking for funding of one project or another.

  2. Alien civilizations exist beyond our technology and consciousness. What we regard as advanced future technology remains archaic to them and as barricades, they surpassed millions of years ago. Ie: A spacecraft manipulating gravity by instantaneously performing a 90degree split- second turn beyond the speed of light. Like Big Foot, they are able to alternate between realities, hence their sudden dematerialization when being observed by earthlings. These ‘entities’ know exactly where to find us once we are earmarked or identified for any reason or motive!

  3. We, the earthlings are much younger than the existence of the entire universe which is over 13 billion years old in our time. Remember we created our own time by the movement of our observable celestial bodies. To claim that we the only civilization in the universe is to insult evolution. Everything we observe around us and ourselves is evolving. Evolution started since the Big Bang and waits for nobody. Sadly we are rather late and behind in our evolutionary stage; consciously and physically. We were never meant to die PHYSICALLY. Intelligence throughout the universe with permanent existence does exist. (they visit u in ur dream state without u being aware of it).On a conscious level, we human beings are not yet ready for a close encounter of the Fifth Kind!

  4. It is totally false, the universe is made of similar material. The outstanding anomalies for life as we know it gets created by favorable conditions for it to thrive and it is obvious ours is not a fluke. There are pockets elsewhere with similar conditions to this rock we thrive on and the bio-engineering points out the humanoid structure as a successful one for agility and survival.

  5. The entire universe is devoid of life except this tiny planet. I know everyone thinks math is on their side when they say there’s GOT to be “aliens” living out there.

    Fact is there could be trillions of habitable planets out there and we could search each one and we would find nothing but rock, dust and various natural elements.

    How you say, can I have this point of view? “Empyrean Manifest Destiny”. The universe is here for humans to populate.

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