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Senator of Florida hopes UFOs are aliens, not Chinese planes

Marco Rubio, senator of Florida said he hopes that UFOs are extraterrestrials and not advanced and powerful Chinese aircraft, reports

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During a July 16 interview with CBS correspondent Jim DeFede on a variety of subjects, including the Covid-19 response from the government and the potential presence of alien life.

“We have things flying over our military bases and places where we’re conducting military exercises and we don’t know what it is and it isn’t ours,” Rubio said.

“Frankly, if it’s something outside this planet that might actually be better than the fact that we’ve seen some sort of technological leap from the Chinese or Russians or some other adversary that allows them to conduct this sort of activity,” Rubio said.

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“That to me is a national security risk and one we should be looking into.”

The Senate Intelligence Committee, which Rubio is now chairing, also called for the military to produce a report about its UFO task force.

A common theory among extraterrestrial skeptics is that the pilots of the Navy were meeting advanced aircraft from Russia or China, not an alien species. Although Rubio discounted this in his interview, it is also possible that the encounters are part of advanced weapons programs in the USA.

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