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Senator from Chile revealed for the first time he was abducted by aliens

In an extraordinary disclosure, Senator Karim Bianchi has recounted an experience that is as bewildering as it is unprecedented. The Chilean senator alleges that twelve years ago, he was abducted by otherworldly beings.

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The purported incident occurred in the southern regions of Chile during a routine journey from Natales to Punta Arenas, as recounted by Senator Bianchi.

During his travels, he encountered an immense, circular, multicolored light, which caused his vehicle to malfunction and led to a subsequent blackout. Upon regaining consciousness, he found himself nearly 180 kilometers away from his original location, with no recollection of the intervening time.

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“I was on a call when it got cut off. I managed to convey to the person I was speaking to what I was witnessing… It was a massive, circular light of various colors. It engulfed the vehicle. I pulled over… In less than a minute, I found myself 180 kilometers ahead,” Senator Karim Bianchi described to Chilevisión.

The narrative takes a surreal turn when, three days after the alleged abduction, a mysterious bald man visited Senator Bianchi at his office. This individual, previously spotted by the senator in Punta Arenas, handed over photocopies of a magazine related to extraterrestrial phenomena, claiming to be an alien himself. He asserted that Senator Bianchi had a crucial role in divulging the existence of extraterrestrial beings to the world.

“I had seen him in Punta Arenas a couple of times. He claimed to be an alien… The receptionist informed me that he was insistent and had a message for me. He mentioned that I worked in the media and would eventually have the opportunity to reveal the presence of beings from another planet,” Bianchi explained.

In the aftermath of the alleged extraterrestrial encounter, Senator Karim Bianchi claimed to have had peculiar encounters with owls.

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“I noticed owls. I traveled to Argentina with someone and we encountered a large owl on the road. I dined at a place named ‘Las Owls,’ and my mother gifted me a bed cover resembling an owl’s eye. It all seemed rather odd to me… For about a month, everything seemed connected to that,” he recounted.

Furthermore, Senator Bianchi stated that he seemed to have a strange effect on others. Those he shook hands with or approached reportedly experienced electric shocks for many months, lasting almost a year.

The congressman asserted that while this story has been recounted many times over the past twelve years, it is the first time he has disclosed it in his capacity as a senator.

“I refrained from discussing this extensively due to the ensuing criticism, with accusations of being insane or under the influence… But this is my experience. It’s not the only sighting I’ve had, but it’s the only one that had such a profound effect,” he concluded.

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