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Security guard in Ventanilla reports encounter with ‘Ghost Girl’

A security guard at the Peruvian El Milagro market reported an eerie encounter with what he described as a “ghost girl.”

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The security guard, whose identity has been kept confidential, recounted his experience in a detailed interview. He explained that he first noticed the girl when he heard what sounded like a child crying near the market’s entrance.

Concerned, he approached the young girl, who appeared to be around seven years old. She told him that she was lost and that her mother worked at the market.

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Attempting to assist her, the guard escorted the girl to the security office to call for help. However, when he momentarily left the girl to inform his colleagues, she inexplicably vanished. Frantic, the guard and his colleagues scoured the market but found no trace of the child.

What made the situation even more perplexing was the review of the surveillance footage. The video showed the guard seemingly talking and gesturing to empty space, with no child visible in the footage.

This discovery led to widespread speculation about the supernatural nature of the encounter.

Some community members believe the guard may have interacted with a ghost, while others are skeptical and think there might be a more rational explanation, such as a camera glitch or a figment of the guard’s imagination due to stress or fatigue.

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The market’s management has since addressed the incident, acknowledging the guard’s distress and affirming their commitment to ensuring a safe environment for both employees and visitors.

They have not dismissed the guard’s claims outright but have emphasized the need for a thorough investigation.

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