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International experts will tell aliens about Earth’s climate problems

A group of international experts: sociologists, anthropologists and historians have united in a project that will try to get in touch with extraterrestrial civilizations.

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While official astronomers are also sending out message missions, a group called METI International believes the process needs to be accelerated.

Participants are confident that attempts to contact alien inhabitants should be more frequent and directed than those that are being made now . METI believe that the more earthlings send messages outside the solar system, the higher the chance of getting something in return.

All hope is that the potential civilization will be more developed. The radio signal will take 39 years to reach the nearest system where it could theoretically live. And the same amount of time will have to wait for a response message.

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A more advanced civilization, according to the president of the organization, will be able to respond faster and share technologies that will help save the planet from the climate crisis caused by global warming.

The message is planned to be sent from the British observatory in October, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the launch of the first soviet satellite of the Earth.

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