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Scientists will search for mysterious wandering planets

American astronomers from Ohio have found that our galaxy contains countless strange rogue planets that freely drift in outer space. Moreover, these planets are much larger than the stars in the galaxy. This was reported in The Astronomical Journal.

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Scientists believe that the projected Nancy Grace Roman space telescope will help identify these cosmic bodies. The observatory is being prepared for launch in the next five years.

The telescope will track the curvature and amplification of starlight arising from passing objects, including wandering planets. The power of the equipment will allow you to look deep into outer space at a distance of thousands of light years from Earth. None of the existing observatories have such opportunities.

According to a preliminary estimate of astronomers, the new telescope will make it possible to “see” objects in outer space with a mass exceeding the mass of Mars. Telescope will be able to discover the wandering planets drifting across the vastness of the universe.

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To begin with, the search will be carried out within the Milky Way with an area of action about 24 thousand light years from us.

Scientists believe that rogue planets appear inside the gas disks of young stars, where, due to gravitational interaction with other planets, they are thrown out of their star systems.

Looking for Nibiru?

Some researchers, referring to mythology, believe that in ancient times one of these planets could have ended up in the solar system, leaving its mark in the form of cataclysms that occurred on Earth.

Whether this planet was or not, scientists can neither confirm nor deny, since there is no corresponding technical possibility for this answer yet.

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However, perhaps thanks to the new telescope, scientists will be able to get an answer to this question, and we will see what dark outer space hides from us. At least within our Galaxy.

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