Scientists want to reduce a minute by one second

TimeIn order to be able to compensate for the very high rotation rate of our planet, experts plan to reduce the minute.

Some experts are sure that it is necessary to remove whole second, others do not agree with this decision, because it can negatively affect the exact time.

The fact is that the Earth began to rotate faster since the middle of last year. Previously, a complete revolution of the Earth took 86.4 thousand seconds, but today this figure is somewhat less.

Because of this, the working day has become shorter, which may soon lead to some problems. It will be necessary to solve them as soon as possible.

The main suggestion of most specialists is that the minute should be reduced to 59 seconds. But if you do this, then a variety of problems can arise with the operation of important equipment.

For example, in 2012 there was a server crash due to one leap second. There were also problems in the Linux and Javascript operating system. Because computers constantly keep track of the exact time, increasing or decreasing minutes can have all sorts of negative effects.

At the same time, scientists agree that some kind of adjustment will still have to be carried out.

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