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Scientists suggest that dark matter might be a distorted mirror universe

Dark matter is a mysterious substance that, according to physicists, makes up most of the Universe. At the same time, dark matter cannot be detected using direct observations, only its gravitational effect on ordinary matter, writes

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Over the past decades, this hypothetical material has acquired a whole heap of theories.

For example, it is assumed that dark matter hides an additional dimension, or that it arose as a result of the second Big Bang, or is a layer of information. There are also skeptics who completely refute the existence of dark matter.

Flatiron Institute astrophysicist Paul Sutter has put forward another exotic theory regarding dark matter in a new paper.

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He suggested that dark matter resides in a warped mirror universe located within our own. The difference between them is that in our Universe, atoms were able to form.

According to the astrophysicist, his theory is based on several intriguing coincidences. Available observations indicate that there are roughly comparable amounts of normal and dark matter, with a slight bias toward dark matter.

Second, neutrons and protons have almost the same mass, which allows them to form stable atoms—another random but extremely important property. Otherwise, there would not be a single star, planet, or ourselves in our Universe.

Based on this, the new theory states that there is a shadow universe in which neutrons and protons have no mass symmetry, meaning that in this dimension there is only a “soup” of subatomic particles. They interact little with each other, which explains why dark matter doesn’t seem to clump up much.

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The new paper, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, is yet another theory attempting to explain the long-standing mystery of dark matter.

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