Scientists set up an ‘alien telescope’ to listen to our space brothers

A huge telescope with a diameter of about a hundred meters is installed in the quietest place on the planet and is tuned to receive possible information or messages from aliens.

Scientists have created an “alien telescope” that focuses solely on sounds coming to Earth from space. Astrophysicist Ethan Siegel from the National Broadcasting Area believes that aliens can send signals to Earth.

The huge receiver, which is located in West Virginia in the “quiet zone” – the quietest place on the planet where there are no mobile phones and almost no Wi-Fi – is 100 meters wide and converts radio waves from space into electrical signals, then analyzed by scientists.

Dr Ethan Siegel told FreeThink: “If someone is actively speaking to us from across the universe, if we didn’t listen because we didn’t find it easily the first time, how much would we be short-changing ourselves through our own short sightedness?

“If we discover we’re not alone in the universe it will change forever how we view life on earth… (but) the way we’re going to find it is not through grainy footage or pixels we can’t make out.”

Despite the many pictures that allegedly show interplanetary ships, UFOs, inhabitants of other planets, there is little that scientists can use, because the photos are either fuzzy or even edited.

But a project to listen to space signals could be a clue or a hint about possible life on other planets.

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