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Scientists predict that by 2050 people will be able to live up to 150 years

Doctors and scientists around the world are working on new methods and technologies that can significantly extend human life expectancy.

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According to the latest research by Prof. Dr. Ernst von Schwartz, healthy people will be able to reach the age of 150 by 2050.

Professor Schwartz in his new book “Secrets of Immortality” shared with the world his thoughts and discoveries in the field of biotechnology and medicine. He argues that the key factors that allow people to reach such an advanced age are the quality of life and activity.

“I think people will live to 120 within the next five, seven or eight years. We can extend life. But we are talking about active people: physically active, mentally active, socially active people. In addition, if you go further – in another 10 years – you will probably reach 150 active people, ”notes Dr. Schwartz.

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Scientists believe that reaching this age is possible due to a combination of various factors. First of all, a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, regular exercise and keeping the mind active, plays an important role.

In addition, with the development of regenerative medicine, it becomes possible to repair damaged tissues and organs, which in turn can lead to an increase in life expectancy.

“We have the means in our hands. And very simple things like diet, exercise, replenishing the deficiency, and then with regenerative medicine, which, if we really follow, people can live to be 150 years old, ”says Schwartz.

However, the goal of scientists is not simply to increase the number of years lived. They seek to prolong the “health period” of a person, that is, the preservation of productivity, quality of life and mobility throughout a long age.

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Today, thanks to advances in biotechnology and medicine, the path to longevity is becoming more and more real. The publication of Dr. Schwartz describes the latest progressive achievements and shows us the prospect of increasing life expectancy and even the possibility of achieving biological immortality.

In the future, people are expected to have access to more effective therapies, the ability to repair and regenerate organs, and new drugs that promote youth and health. All of this has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of age and enable people to fully enjoy life up to the age of 150.

The quest for longer human lifespans may turn out to be far more exciting and optimistic than we ever imagined.

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