Scientists investigate existence of ancient advanced civilization on Earth

Ancient civilizations, potentially more technologically advanced than ours, may have existed on Earth long before the rise of humanity, as suggested in a study published in the Journal of Astrobiology.

The study explores the concept of preserving the “geological footprints” of these ancient civilizations, which could potentially be discovered millions of years later.

Scientists investigating this hypothesis raise important questions regarding the likelihood of finding traces of such civilizations and their potential survival over millennia.

Understanding the prevalence and development of industrial civilizations is crucial in assessing the possibility of discovering advanced civilizations on exoplanets.

The article states, “One of the key questions in assessing the likelihood of finding such a civilization is understanding how often an industrial civilization emerges and develops? Humans are the only example we know of, and our industrial civilization has lasted roughly 300 years… This short period of time raises the obvious question of whether this could have happened before.”

While human presence on Earth is evident through our current traces, these markers may fade or become lost over geological time.

Researchers are investigating potential long-lasting markers that could survive for millions of years, including synthetic molecules, plastics, and even remnants of radioactive fallout from hypothetical nuclear disasters.

Differentiating these markers from natural processes and phenomena poses challenges, but anomalies in sediment elements and composition could potentially highlight unique events associated with ancient civilizations.

The study concludes that although the existence of a previous industrial civilization before ours is highly doubted, a formal framework for identifying evidence of such a civilization raises important questions for astrobiology and Anthropocene research.

Further research is required to explore this intriguing question, as the answer could revolutionize our understanding of the past and future, unraveling the mysteries of possible ancient civilizations both on Earth and beyond.

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