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Scientists intend to find astroarchaeological artifacts of space brothers in mind

Scientists, contrary to their fantastic plans, still think realistically and believe in the possibility of discovering the so-called astroarchaeological artifacts – some traces left by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations on our planet or somewhere nearby.

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For this purpose, the research project “Galileo” (Galileo Project) was founded, initiated by professors from Harvard University Avi Loeb and Frank Laukien.

Both believe in the existence of aliens, and Loeb especially. It was he who gained worldwide fame by first declaring Oumuamua – an interstellar asteroid that flew into the solar system – as an alien ship or an automatic probe, and then offered to catch up with him before he flew too far.


Firstly, the Galileo project implies that scientists will continue the work begun by the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) – in other words, they will not stop looking for signals of extraterrestrial civilizations in the radio range. But other frequency ranges will also be viewed, and even gravitational waves.

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Secondly, they will also be doing what their colleagues from the Pentagon and NASA seem to be already doing – that is, the study of UFOs or UAPs (Unidentified Air Phenomena), as mysterious objects scurrying in the Earth’s atmosphere are now preferred to be called, – in the lower and its upper layers.

The Pentagon has already figured out something and began to classify. NASA has not yet made much progress – they have not officially announced any significant breakthroughs, but they admitted that these same UAPs could be somehow connected with the activities of aliens on Earth.

Scientists working on the project will try to get their own images of mysterious objects in the infrared and optical ranges. Expect to catch at least some signals from them. Appropriate devices are already prepared and research money has been received.

Avi Loeb

It is assumed that funding will eventually reach a billion dollars. “For aliens” so much has not yet been allocated. Apparently, the chances of getting a return are very high.

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Thirdly, scientists suspect that in the solar system brothers in mind left small automatic probes to look after us. There are plans to find extraterrestrial civilizations using the Vera C. Rubin Observatory, equipped with a wide-angle reflecting telescope, which will begin photographing the sky from the high mountain Cerro Pachon in Chile from 2023.

And, finally, enthusiasts of the Galileo project are still thinking of catching up with Oumuamua and raising an interstellar object that fell there from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, which, according to Loeb and his colleagues, could just be an alien probe.

As the scientist said the other day, the expedition for the “probe” is also fully funded. The place where the object fell is known.

In the figurative expression of Loeb, the search for aliens should begin “in the backyard.” And we can wish them good luck.

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