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Scientists have warned: the death of the universe will happen earlier than expected

The Universe will perish even before the Sun is extinguished.

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Scientists claim that the future of the universe depends on its geometric properties, as well as the dark energy due to which it expands.

And now it became known that European researchers have postponed the date of another Big Bang, which should end the existence of the Universe by 2.8 billion years.

Thus, the amount of time the universe has existed has decreased by almost 10 times.

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Note that the end is an explosion, in which the density of dark energy will begin to grow indefinitely. The expansion of the Universe will continue, but at an ever-increasing rate.

To calculate the date of the end of the universe, scientists used information about the current rate of its expansion. It is noteworthy that the Sun is expected to die out in 5-7 billion years.

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