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Scientists have suggested what to do with a possible “extraterrestrial contact”

After the Pentagon did not rule out the existence of aliens, there were many theories about what would happen if the “extraterrestrial contact” took place.

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Scientists are trying to answer this question. Recent studies are increasingly leading to the idea that humanity is approaching the discovery of life beyond the Earth. But it is also possible that aliens are already living among humans.

In any case, there is no official protocol indicating the steps to be taken in the event of a meeting with “brothers in mind.” At the same time, some scientists call for preparations, otherwise it can lead to complete chaos if, nevertheless, the event, albeit seemingly unrealizable, takes place.

Some sectors may show resistance to the Unknown, which can lead to conflict. Thus, there is an assumption that if there is hostility on the part of humanity, then people can be enslaved. Therefore, it is essential that members of the scientific community start planning for future contacts.

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After all, they have already accepted the possibility that humans are not the only intelligent life forms in the universe. While theories claim that the elite know who they are and where they are, they keep it a secret.

This aroused suspicion in that part of humanity that knows something is going on. Therefore, a global protocol is needed for the reaction of society to possible contact with alien beings. Especially now that its existence is recognized throughout the world.

Extraterrestrial contact: what to do if it happens?

Douglas Vakoch, an American astrobiologist, researcher in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), psychologist and president of METI International, told the BBC that “there has never been a protocol supported by governments or global organizations like the United Nations.”

However, some independent organizations looking for extraterrestrial contacts have developed guidelines and protocols. The problem is that the problem was not widespread, affecting all corners of the planet.

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Regarding these protocols of independent organizations, Vakoch explains that “none of these documents has loyal validity, since they are not properly backed up.”

In principle, there is no definite plan in case a space guest “contacts humanity.” That is why a group of astronomers, physicists and astrobiologists from prestigious British universities are puzzled by a hypothetical contact.

These scientists form the so-called Red Research to search for extraterrestrial intelligence in the UK. They recently conducted a global survey as “the first step towards a protocol.” Charlie Lineweaver, a researcher at the Australian National University, stated that “even with people in our society it is difficult to agree on what is meant by intelligence, what is meant by life and what we interpret by communication.”

Thus, the question remains open. In turn, the infamous astrophysicist Avi Loeb from Harvard said that perhaps in a few months it will be possible to see a picture of a UFO in a high-quality image. This, in his opinion, will prove once and for all that earthlings are not alone in the universe.

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The telescope will use infrared cameras to capture video of the sky around the clock and is equipped with a radio sensor, an audio sensor and a magnetometer to detect invisible objects.

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