Future people

Scientists have shown how a person can change by the year 2100

Future peopleScientists have developed a computer model, which received the conventional name “Mindy”, which demonstrates how people can change in just 80 years.

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On the person’s appearance will affect modern technologies that are used daily in large quantities.

Presumably, due to the fact that people constantly use gadgets and sit at the computer, their back will begin to hunch. In order to compensate for poor posture, the neck muscles will become more powerful.

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The skull will gradually become thicker so that the brain, which will become smaller due to a sedentary lifestyle, is reliably protected from radiation and other harmful and life-threatening factors.

Due to the fact that the person will constantly hold a mobile phone, his fingers will begin to resemble claws. In this case, the arms will be bent in elbows at an angle of almost 90 degrees.

In order for the eyes to be protected from dangerous radiation, a person may have a one more pair of eyelids. All together it will look pretty creepy.

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Scientists are confident that such changes in the human body are the price that will have to be paid for the use of modern technologies in everyday life.

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