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Scientists have made a discovery that confirms the ability to warp space and time

WormholeAmerican engineer Harold White, who previously worked at NASA, accidentally made a discovery confirming the reality of the warp bubble.

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According to the scientific publication European Physical Journal, White’s discovery opens the way to artificially curving the fabric of space-time.

White is a warp enthusiast and is working on a number of promising projects in this area under contract with DARPA. At the same time, the former NASA aerospace engineer is developing his own startup Limitless Space Institute.

The scientist made a discovery proving the reality of warp bubbles, combining his own research, contracts with the Limitless Space Institute and the results of work for DARPA.

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The discovery was made by accident – White noted that he found the birth of a warp bubble where he least expected.

“I studied the Casimir effect in the context of different geometric structures. We are talking about certain quantum phenomena that can manifest themselves at the micro level, provoking mutual attraction of objects.

“At the macro level, this is, for example, the birth of garbage islands in the World Ocean. In the course of analyzing the distribution of energies in one of the test configurations it turned out that the indicators confirm the possibility of the existence of a warp bubble.

“That is, we can create technologies that will artificially bend space and time, which is useful for space travel, “said White.

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