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Scientists have figured out when the sun will explode

Mankind throughout its history was afraid that the Sun could “collapse”, “explode”, “fade away”, and it was believed that at that moment life on the planet would disappear.

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Among the numerous theories about the end of the world, those that are associated specifically with the Sun predominate. After all, in fact, life on our planet directly depends on it, and if our star dies out, life itself and all of humanity will die out.

Scientists believe that with the extinction of the Sun, not only the Earth, but the entire solar system will die out. And this is not surprising, because even children know that planets move around the Sun, and the star keeps each planet in its orbit with its attraction.

But the Sun cannot “live” forever. And the “date of death” has already been set.

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Thus, scientists assume that the current phase of the life cycle will end in 5 billion years. After the expiration of this time, the Sun will become like a red planet, like Mars, and will not be able to create any heat. In fact, the Sun will simply burn out, like a bacterium from a high temperature.

It is assumed that the outer layers of the star will become unstable and expand, so that Mercury and Venus will be the first to meet a terrible end.

As for the Earth, the end of the planet will begin with the fact that there will be violent solar winds that will destroy the protective magnetic field.

But, according to scientists, by that time humanity will have disappeared or moved to other planets, because various cataclysms and depleted resources will make the planet uninhabitable.

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The continued existence of the human species depends on whether by that time people can come up with a mechanism for traveling in space and exploring other planets and galaxies.

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