Scientists have figured out minimum population for Mars colonization

Scientists from George Mason University presented a unique simulation that allowed them to determine the optimal number of settlers for the successful colonization of the Red Planet.

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According to the study, only 22 people are needed to create a stable and prosperous colony on Mars. This number was deduced after many years of simulations, including various aspects of life and interaction on a tiny planetary base.

Scientists took into account many factors, such as physical and psychological health, social skills, and even personality traits.

The simulations spanned 28 years of Earth time and were based on a wealth of experience living on the International Space Station and Arctic exploration.

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Scientists took into account the impact of stress, isolation and limited resources on the psychological state of the settlers.

Interestingly, the study also found that negative personality traits can have a significant impact on mission success. Neurotic and maladaptive individuals not only reduced the overall performance of the colony, but also had a shorter lifespan.

Experts believe that these results will help determine the selection criteria for future space settlers. Researchers now have a clear figure and understanding of what personality traits are vital to successful Mars colonization.

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