Scientists have been able to prove that a person can hear even when he dies

NDEExperts from the University of British Columbia conducted another study, during which they were able to prove that even when a person dies and is unconscious, he still hears perfectly what is happening around him.

It is generally accepted that when a person dies, then hearing is the last feeling that he loses. Scientists were interested in this and they decided to conduct a study to determine if the dying man hears if he is unconscious at that moment.

The study involved a lot of people. The specialists involved healthy people, patients who were near death, as well as hospice patients who were conscious at the time of the experiment. Absolutely all participants were measured brain activity using a special device – electroencephalography.

As it was found, even if the brain is already dying, it still responds perfectly to sounds. However, the process does not stop even if the person is unconscious.

Scientists could not establish the differences between how the brain of a healthy person and a dying person react to sounds. It is worth noting that specialists so far cannot answer the question of whether a person understands at death without consciousness what exactly he hears.

This study, according to Elizabeth Bludon, confirms the fact that even with dying people need to continue talking, because in their brain there is activity and they all hear. Even if it turns out that the dying person does not understand anything, his brain will still be aware that someone close to him is nearby.

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  1. So the dying person most likely have family and friends gathered, but there’s a scientist in the background waiting to check if he/she can hear after they die.
    Most people wouldn’t allow this.
    Unless the dying person has a family of scientists.

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