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Scientists create viruses to accelerate the development of mankind?

VirusAs it became known recently, new viruses are not experiments of nature, but the fruit of the work of scientists. According to the statement, the strains help humanity evolve faster, making it physically stronger. Thanks to new microorganisms, people are beginning to adapt better.

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The process of accelerated adaptation is shortly called VEGAS, it was invented by scientists from the University of North Carolina. Research team leader Brian Roth even presented a scientific article in the journal Cell.

It noted that experts were able to introduce the technology of Sinbas fever virus, which is able to infect mammalian cells. The virus itself is not dangerous, it only has some modified genes that are designed to perform the desired function in the host cells.

Experts have created a new version of the tetracycline-controlled activation factor (tTA), a protein that is usually neutralized by tetracycline, doxycycline and other antibiotics, due to the new technology.

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After the completion of scientific work, 22 mutations appeared in the protein, one of which is drug resistance. Under normal conditions, the adaptation process would take 2-3 months.

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