Scientists believe that we live inside a giant cosmic bubble

What if the Earth, the galaxy, and all the galaxies near us were enclosed in a giant cosmic bubble? If such a theory is correct, then this will explain many of the processes that occur in the nature of the universe.

The Universe is a relatively calm place, but recent observations have shown that it begins to expand rapidly. For a long time, experts also try to agree on different estimates that relate to the speed of expansion of the Universe. This speed is called the Hubble constant.

Experts believe that it is influenced by certain phenomena – dark energy and dark matter.

The explanation for the rather rapid expansion of the Universe may be that we live in a cosmic bubble, which has not such a high density. This is what physicist Lucas Lombraiser says.

Such a hypothesis was first proposed a couple of decades ago, while taking into account studies made earlier.

At the moment, this is only a hypothesis. Scientists have yet to make a lot of models and conduct thorough research in order to confirm the theory proposed by Lombraiser.

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