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Scientists are looking for confirmation that we live in a holographic universe

String theory continues to be a controversial branch of theoretical physics, but most scientists do not doubt the three-dimensionality of the universe, despite the fact that the concept of three-dimensionality is associated with string theory.

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But in fact, it may turn out that we exist in a holographic universe.

In mathematical descriptions of certain types of universes, as scientists explain, gravity can be effectively eliminated if the fundamental parameters of the model are slightly changed.

Such universes can be viewed as information that is “drawn on the surface of the universe.” Information penetrates into other dimensions and forms what we perceive as physical reality.

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“Like a hologram, a three-dimensional image is created from two-dimensional information. In the three-dimensional world, there is such a fundamental force as gravity, but three-dimensionality can be an illusion. Can the real Universe be holographic? This question has yet to be answered,” scientists say.

To understand the mysteries of the holographic universe, one must study cosmological issues such as ripples in the early universe.

This, as scientists are sure, will help new mathematical models that will be created by researchers of the future.

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