Scientists accidentally created a “cocktail of immortality”

Recent studies by scientists show that very soon they will learn to reverse the processes of biological aging, reports

Specialists conducted an experiment throughout the year, during which a group of volunteers was given a daily cocktail consisting of certain drugs. After the experiment, scientists found that each participant was younger by an average of 2.5 years from his biological age.

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Scientists were shocked by the result. They say that they assumed that aging would slow, but not that processes would begin to reverse.

At the moment, experts have not yet made any conclusions, because only nine people took part in the experiment. If in the next study the result will be the same, then this will be a real breakthrough in medicine.

Another feature of the experiment is that the result remains stable. All drugs that are part of the cocktail have a long enough effect. Moreover, no one had previously considered their combination as a way to combat old age.

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