Mars colonization

Scientist spoke about the creation of a million-plus city on Mars

Mars colonizationA permanent base on Mars can be created by the end of the decade, and by the end of the century the first million-plus city may already grow there. This statement was made by the president of the “Martian Society” Robert Zubrin.

Thus, he appreciated the ideas of businessman Elon Musk about the beginning of manned flights to Mars by 2026. Zubrin believes that the first such flight will become possible in 2030, reports Ren.TV.

However, even before this deadline, Musk will be able to send Starships with cargo to Mars, which will allow the construction of the base to begin.

The scientist considered Musk’s idea of ​​sending a million people to Mars by 2050 too ambitious.

In his opinion, by this time about a thousand people will be able to visit the Red Planet, who will prepare industrial opportunities there to accommodate a larger number of settlers.

Zubrin believes that a human city will appear on Mars in 2070, and in thirty years the city will be home to a million people.

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