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Mars Planet

Scientist proved that life can be on Mars

Mars PlanetJean-Pierre Paul de Vera, working at the Berlin Center for Spatial Research, recreated laboratory conditions on Mars. Thanks to the experiment, the specialist found out that life on the Red Planet is possible.

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The scientist noted that creatures from our planet can live on Mars. NASA has been trying to find this out for a long time. Mars still has many similarities to Earth. Previously, this planet had water, and the climate on it was warmer.

For what reasons, everything has changed – a mystery. The German expert was able to prove that living creatures can not only survive on Mars, but also successfully spread there.

The purpose of the experiment was to find out if terrestrial organisms can adapt to Martian conditions. Jean-Pierre used microorganisms brought from Antarctica.

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The scientist was surprised when the creatures not only survived, but also began to flourish.

The experiments made it clear that NASA’s plans for the colonization of Mars in the future can be implemented.

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