Scientist Peter Scott-Morgan goes to become “World’s First Complete Cyborg”

Two years ago, scientist Peter Scott-Morgan was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

This October, Dr. Scott-Morgan is on track to become the world’s first fully fledged cyborg, potentially giving him more years of life.

Teaming up with world-class organizations with expertise in artificial intelligence, Dr. Scott-Morgan is transforming himself into what he calls “the world’s first fully-fledged cyborg.”

“And when I say Cyborg, I mean not just that I will be implanted with some kind of microchip, I mean that I will become the most advanced human cybernetic organism ever created on Earth. My body and brain will be irreversibly changed,” says Dr. Scott-Morgan.

According to Dr. Scott-Morgan, he will become part robot and part living organism. Moreover, the change will not be one-time, but with subsequent updates.

This October, Dr. Scott-Morgan will undergo what he calls the latest procedure that will transform him into a “Complete Cyborg”.

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