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Soul immortal

Scientist about the phenomenon of near-death experience: the human soul exists

Soul immortalScientists believe that the human soul is formed with the participation of quantum matter. The soul can leave the nervous system and even go beyond the human body. It is at such moments that people experience “near-death experiences”.

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Similar conclusions were made by Dr. Stuart Hameroff, who is a renowned professor, together with his English colleague Roger Penrose. Scientists are confident that human consciousness is a quantum program that is located in the brain in the middle of special microtubules.

It is worth noting that experts have developed a special theory of “organized purposeful reduction” (Orch-OR), which states that after a person’s death, his quantum program can be stored in the Universe for a long time.

From a physical point of view, the whole process looks like this: after the microtubules in the brain lose their quantum state, the information in them continues to be stored. Then it leaves the body and goes to the space of the universe. Due to this, a person experiences a “near-death experience.”

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This suggests that the human soul is not just the interconnection of neurons in the brain. In addition, experts believe that the human soul can consist of the matter of the Universe and there are assumptions that it has existed for many billions of years.

Dr. Hammeroff’s theory has been criticized by other experts, but it still has something in common with some religious views. At the same time, the scientist is confident that this theory can only be tested if further research related to quantum physics is carried out.

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