Scientist Dr. Steven Greer warns of possible ‘fake alien attack’

Ufologist Dr. Steven Greer has made a startling claim about the existence of a clandestine “fraud operation” operating without US government oversight.

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According to Greer, this organization has developed advanced technology that is allegedly being used to stage a “fake alien attack” on Earth. This was reported by the Daily Star.

The operation, known as the Outcasts, allegedly has groups in various countries around the world and operates beyond political boundaries. Greer stated that it operates in secret and outside the United States, making it a transnational and potentially dangerous entity.

According to the ufologist, during the significant technological advancements between 1945 and 1954, mankind not only mastered new technologies but also created them in secrecy, bypassing government representatives, including the Pentagon and the White House.

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This advanced technology, according to him, could potentially be used to simulate an alien invasion of Earth, posing a threat to humanity as a whole.

“It’s a non-linear development of technologies covertly that aren’t under the supervision of most of the Pentagon and White House and even CIA and Congress, it’s in this rogue operation that tells very little of what they have,” he said.

Greer founded the Disclosure Project, which collected testimonies from over 700 high-level whistleblowers who wished to release classified UFO data.

This raises concerns that the US government may not have a complete understanding of the events occurring in the realm of UFOs and the activities of potential alien organizations.

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The expert’s concerns extend beyond a possible fake alien attack and also include the risk to extraterrestrial civilizations.

If humanity were to employ the acquired technology to “destroy” alien spacecraft, it could lead to discontent and a reaction from representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Greer believes that extraterrestrial civilizations have apparently been observing the development of mankind and its technologies without direct interference, hoping that humans can handle the challenges that arise.

However, the question of how far we can go in utilizing advanced technologies and how much of a threat we may pose to extraterrestrial civilizations remains unanswered.

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Dr. Greer concludes that humanity must exercise caution and responsibility in the use of new technologies to avoid becoming a source of danger to other civilizations and to maintain peaceful coexistence with extraterrestrial beings.

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