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Scientist: A black hole in the center of the Earth causes natural disasters

One of NASA’s former employees, Louise Riofrio is confident that in the bowels of our planet is a black hole, which is the cause of a huge number of processes taking place on Earth.

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According to the theory of a specialist, the Earth, just like a pearl, has formed around a huge black hole, the mass of which is approximately equal to the mass of the moon.

The object causes heat fluxes that can cause volcanic eruptions or violent earthquakes in different parts of the world.

The researcher believes that a black hole takes part in the process of magnetic field formation, which helps protect the Earth from numerous disasters from space.

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Louise Riofrio also suggests that in the future, people will be able to use a black hole as a source of energy. Due to this, people will be able to quickly move in space and conduct research in other galaxies.

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