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Near Death Experiences

Scientifically proven: life after death exists

Near Death ExperiencesNearly 30 million people have experienced clinical death. To find out whether life after death exists, the scientists decided to analyze the stories of people who, surprisingly, turned out to be very similar. Scientists have no choice but to recognize the existence of an afterlife.

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“Almost all people after death saw and heard what was happening in real life”, said Dr. Raymond A. Mody of the University of Virginia.

The main part of the people could see a dark tunnel from which a bright light emanated from another point. Light, it is worth noting, was an entity that reassured, gave love. Some deceased relatives walked along this tunnel.

Another fact – people whose soul rose high, felt their body. Many were able to accurately retell the dialogues that were conducted by the doctors, they were able to tell what the doctors were doing with their body.

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It is worth noting that patients did not go through the whole process of death, so the picture regarding this is not holistic.

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