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Science has solved the mystery of the curse of Pharaoh Tutankhamun

A number of ancient Egyptian scriptures say: anyone who disturbs the tombs with the remains of royalty will face inevitable death from a strange disease unknown even to doctors.

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Scientist Ross Fellowes spoke about the cause of the deaths that really overtook the pyramid explorers. There is no mysticism in this at all; there are completely objective reasons.

In the scientific journal JSE, Ross Fellowes said that the cause of death of 26 people who participated in one way or another in the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 was exposure to radioactive substances. It provoked various diseases, in particular, some types of oncology.

Thus, the reason for the death of excavation director Howard Carter in 1939 was lymph granulosis, a very rare Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-driven lymphoproliferative disease.

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The diagnoses of other people who took part in the excavation of the tomb were asphyxia, stroke, diabetes, heart failure, pneumonia, etc.

Fellowes concludes that the inhabitants of Egypt already knew about radiation in ancient times, but described its effect as the influence of places with “evil spirits”. Drawings and inscriptions on the walls warn about this.

“Whoever enters the tomb will die from a disease that no doctor can diagnose.”

During excavations, archaeologists recorded an increased radio signal in the ruins of the tombs of the Old Kingdom, at certain points in Giza and in a number of underground tombs in Saqqara. And in the examined tombs the level of radiation is approximately 10 times higher than normal, the expert assures.

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“Reported strong radiation (as radon) in tomb ruins has been loosely attributed to the natural background from the parent bedrock,” Fellowes wrote.

“However, the levels are unusually high and localized, which is not consistent with the characteristics of the limestone bedrock but implies some other unnatural source(s).”

It is no coincidence, he continues, that even in modern Egypt there are high rates of cancer of the blood and bones, which is characteristic of radiation exposure.

Tutankhamun ascended the throne of Pharaoh of Egypt when he was nine or ten years old. His reign was short: from 1332 to 1323 BC. At the time of his death he was only 18 years old. Doctors believe that he suffered from a number of serious illnesses caused by incest: his father Akhenaten and mother Nefertiti were brother and sister.

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