Huge black cat

SC authorities investigating large, black, cat-like creature attack

Huge black catGeorgetown County authorities investigated Tuesday’s attack by a large, black cat-like animal. According to the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a report of the attack on Moore Drive outside Hemingway, according to a website

The animal dragged victim into a ditch as he walked along Dennis Drive towards Willard Loop, according to the to victim’s statement to deputies.

“The victim said he saw a cub crossing the road before he felt something to grab his leg and drag him to the ground,” the Sheriff’s Office said. “he said the animal ripped off his shirt sleeve before he left and made a ‘crying noise.'”

The animal is described as black, oversized, cat-like, waist high and with a dragged tail on the the the ground, the Sheriff’s Office said. Before calling 911, the victim went to a safe place, the Sheriff’s Office state.

He received treatment in a local hospital. Deputies and S.C. The Natural Resources Department are investigating.

Anyone who sees a suspicious animal in the area of Hemmingway should stay in a safe place and call 911.

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  1. A lake monster with all them fins lol fake, nothing has ever existed remotely like that! Another Loch Ness monster, good for tourists to spend money on stuff lol 😁

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