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Samsung engineers are going to copy the brain and transfer data to the drive

An article published in the journal Nature Electronics talks about the concept of creating an electronic brain.

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It is planned to copy the neural connections of the brain using electrodes and transfer this data to a solid-state drive.

One of the authors of the development, Harvard University professor Don Hee Ham, explains that together with a colleague he developed an array of nanoelectrodes, with which they will try to create a map of neural connections.

A diagram of the interconnections of neurons is able to show the places of connections of nerve cells and the strength of such connections.

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With successful experiments on “copying” brains, it will be necessary to transfer the data array of nerve cells to a storage device. Scientists explain that both solid-state media and ordinary flash cards can act as a drive.

It is important to develop a technique for accurately transferring the map of neural networks.

The development is carried out by specialists from Samsung Electronics and scientists from the Harvard Institute.

Scientists plan to create a special chip based on the copied brain. The innovation will help to reach unprecedented heights in the world of artificial intelligence.

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