Sam the Sandown Clown: Cryptid, Robot, Alien, Ghost or Hoax?

In the spring of 1973, a pair of children encountered a bizarre clown-like figure beckoning to them from beneath a bridge, leading them into what some suggest might have been another dimension. Off the coast of Hampshire, England, lies the Isle of Wight, celebrated for its mild climate and natural allure. Yet, amidst its beauty, an extraordinary encounter unfolded with an intelligent, non-human entity. Nestled between the seaside havens of Sandown and the town of Shanklin is the Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club. Here, in May of 1973, a peculiar incident commenced on the meticulously groomed fairways. Around 4:00 pm,…

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Zoe Mitchell

Zoe Mitchell is an independent researcher and writer on extraordinary topics. She has a passion for delving into the realms of UFOs, paranormal phenomena and the enigmatic.

Zoe has a degree in journalism and a keen interest in history, mythology and folklore. She believes that there is more to reality than meets the eye, and that the truth is often stranger than fiction.