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Russian warplanes engage in high-speed pursuit and firing at UFOs

Following the groundbreaking Congressional hearing on the U.S. government’s awareness of UAPs, recent reports shed light on how other countries are addressing UAP incidents.

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According to a letter submitted into the Congressional record by investigative journalist George Knapp, the russian military and government are actively researching and encountering UAPs.

Knapp’s letter reveals that the russian military has dispatched fighter jets on 45 separate occasions to pursue and, in some instances, attempt to shoot down UAPs.

As a seasoned UFO researcher with decades of experience, Knapp has cultivated sources, including high-ranking officials within the agency responsible for handling UAP reports during his visit to russia in the 1990s.

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“Russia’s program is likely the biggest investigation ever undertaken. Thousands of case files were accumulated. Nearly all of the witnesses who were interviewed were military personnel. Many of the incidents described to me by the program’s director Col. Boris Sokolov were alarming,” Knapp said in part in his letter.

He went on to say, “Sokolov said there have been 45 incidents in which russian warplanes engaged with UFOs, chased them, even shot at them. In most incidents, the UFOs shot away at unbelievable speeds, but in three incidents, the Russian warplanes were dibbled (pierced) and crashed. Two of the pilots were killed.”

However, russia is not the sole foreign government responding to the evolving UAP phenomenon. Investigative journalist and former member of the British Government’s Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope, discussed with NewsNation how the United Kingdom has been addressing UAP reports.

“I think there’s always more than you disclose in public. It was the Ministry of Defense’s policy for years to downplay, deny and debunk all this,” Pope said. “Now we in the UK didn’t have a spaceship in a hangar as someone like David Grusch has alleged, but we’ve got a lot of good stuff.”

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Pope also added the British government is aware of sophisticated UAP programs in other countries.

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