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Russian scientists trained people to contact aliens, says George Knapp

According to a journalist who visited Russia right after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian scientists were involved in a massive UFO and alien research program.

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Investigative journalist George Knapp revealed what he learned about their UFO and alien research to documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on a recent episode of the Weaponized podcast.

“When the USSR collapsed in the early ’90s, a brief window of opportunity opened. With the help of a well-connected Russian physicist, journalist George Knapp traveled to Moscow and interviewed high ranking Russian military officials and scientists about what might be the largest UFO study ever conducted,” reads the description of the episode.

“The witnesses, who had never before spoken with any journalist, confirmed the Russian military had conducted a ten-year nationwide investigation into UFOs and UFO technology. The Russians also knew plenty about what the US government had been doing with UFO investigations; Both governments had been lying to their citizens.”

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During their in-depth conversation about the Russian UFO and alien research, Knapp tells Corbell, “They have this gigantic UFO study that goes on for 10 years and then another one replaces it, and they’re trying to figure out, ‘How do we duplicate [alien] technology?’”

Knapp then goes on to explain, “The next guy we talked to is a General, he’s a Lieutenant General named Alexi Savin and I didn’t really want to delve into remote viewing while we were there but Lieutenant Savin really made a point to make himself available to us.

“He had developed, in essence, a remote viewing and he showed us some training films where they would take a Russian sailor, put him down in the bottom of a ship, and then ask him to identify where other naval assets were around it without being able to look out the window and see them. Submarines ships and they were really accurate, incredibly accurate, at least in this film.

“And then he decided that he was going to show that the the technology the the techniques could be taught to anyone so we walked in to our second meeting with him and had a whole room full of of women … he had picked hand-picked regular people to show that this is something that could be taught to everyone.

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“That everyone has some of these kinds of abilities. And he was showing this, in part, because the remote viewers when they got good would run into what he called cosmic intelligences. They would communicate with other intelligence that wasn’t from Earth.”

Knapp shared numerous stories such as this during the episode including how the Russians had been trying to reverse-engineer alien technology, what they knew about the United States’ UFO program, and much more.

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