Russia and China could secretly get ahead of the United States in the study of UFOs

The US may pay for its own carelessness due to the Russian UFO flying over US military installations. This was stated by the British ufologist Nick Pope.

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US intelligence does not want to admit that both the Russian military and aliens could be behind the many UFO cases. This was stated in an interview with the British newspaper The Sun by the former “expert in the field of UFOs” at the British Ministry of Defense Nick Pope.

In 2021, the Pentagon released a report on sightings of unidentified objects. Of the 143 reported incidents, most remained unexplained. Mainly because American intelligence does not believe in flying saucers (according to official data), nor that a reconnaissance drone flown from Russia or China could go unnoticed.

“I think the real world is more subtle. This is not a binary situation, and it is quite possible to imagine a scenario in which both Chinese and Russian drones or aliens can be observers,” the expert specified.

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The ufologist emphasized that the United States could seriously lag behind Russia and China in the field of studying unidentified flying objects.

Perhaps the opponents of the Pentagon have long studied UFOs and have gone much further than their American counterparts in this matter. Then this is already a hidden threat to the security of the United States, which the Pentagon slept through.

Previously, Pope shared his opinion about aliens and suggested that the first meeting of mankind with an extraterrestrial civilization would not be so rosy.

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