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Robbie Williams paranormal

Robbie Williams song was inspired by his paranormal experiences

Robbie Williams paranormalThe British singer Robbie Williams claimed his hit song ‘Angels’ had been inspired by paranormal experiences of his childhood, reports “Yahoo! News”.

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Williams, who gained fame as a member of the ‘Take That’ band of the 90s, has been interested in UFOs and the paranormal for a lifetime and has often talked about his own experiences.

In an interview with The Sun, Williams described being connected with “something unseen” and joked that by talking to things that weren’t there, he had “freaked his father out” as a kid.

“There hasn’t been a moment of my life when I haven’t been aware of the presence of something unseen,” he said. “The very first song I wrote was Angels and it’s about actual angels.”

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“People think it’s about my mum or think it’s about somebody I loved, but it’s actually about angels.”

Williams also credits his spiritual experiences with his music success.

“I had lucid dreams,” he said. “There’s been UFOs, one close enough I could throw a tennis ball. I used to call them ghosts but I don’t anymore as I don’t know what they are.”

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“If it wasn’t for my belief or semi-belief or trying to understand what it is I see and feel every now and again I wouldn’t be where I am.”

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