Rise of the Apes? Gang of monkeys force panicked villagers to flee homes

In the Indian village of Narasapuram, the monkeys have reportedly stealed food and ransacking houses, forcing many of the villagers to flee their homes.

A total of about 400 monkeys are thought to be involved-an amount defined as a population “out of control.”

According to the Daily Star, village chief Srivarama Krishna said: “Initially, no one cared about it but then they started multiplying until it became too much.”

Krishna believes that the monkey’s behaviour is getting worse. They have been getting increasingly belligerent and cocky. Some have even been known to steal food right out of the villagers’ hands.

It is even reported that the monkey have started to attacking women, children, and even the elderly residents.

He continued: “We have to keep the doors and windows bolted.“

“They are smart enough to open the door come inside and steal the cooked food, sometimes even running away with the vessels containing food.“

“People started getting attacked even when they used to return home from the shop with groceries, the monkeys would just steal the bags.”

So far only a few monkeys have been detained, the rest continue to run amok.

Last year a 72-year-old Indian was stoned to death by monkeys as he was scavenging for dry wood, when a troop of monkeys on the surrounding treetops rained bricks at him after picking them up from a nearby construction area.

Elsewhere, in Himachal Pradesh, 86 cases of monkey attacks were registered with the state government from 2017 to 2018.

Rise of the apes in real life?

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