Rideshare driver claims to have picked up ghost woman

When transporting a mysterious woman who requested to be dropped off at a cemetery recently, an e-hailing driver encountered a “spooky” situation, reports nst.com.my.

The driver, Ahsan Ismail, 37, said he received a booking to pick up a passenger near a roundabout of Samarahan Heart Centre here close to midnight, with the destination set for the Pending Muslim cemetery.

He said he had initially been wary when he saw the location of the destination, but dismissed it as the passenger just having picked the nearest landmark.

“When I reached (the pick-up area), I saw a woman in dark-coloured baju kurung and tudung waiting there. It was a dark area and I did not look at her (face) to avoid her feeling uncomfortable.

“But later I heard her soft voice requesting to lower the window near her seat,” the father of three told Harian Metro.

Image credit: Ahsan Ismail

He also did not communicate with her throughout the journey and focused on the drive.

Ahsan said there was a strong fragrance in the car, which he believed came from the passenger, but thought nothing of it.

When he reached the cemetery about 11km away, he told his passenger they had arrived, without turning around to look at her.

When she did not respond, he turned around and, to his shock, saw no one there.

“I thought she was asleep but when I turned back, there was no one. There were, however, a few old money notes of RM1 and RM2 denominations and a few five sen coins, enough for the RM13 fare.

“I quickly drove away and immediately made a video call to my friend to tell him the story. I returned home around 1am but did not share the incident with my wife until the next day,” he said.

Ahsan shared his ghostly experience on Facebook but netizens were quick to dismiss the incident, calling it illogical for a “ghost” to make a booking for a ride.

“Not everyone has the opportunity to experience such a mystical situation and I do not dismiss supernatural acts.

“Some people sent messages offering thousands of ringgit to buy the cash but I do not plan to sell them off any time soon,” said Ahsan.

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