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Richard King Mellon Foundation awards $575,000 to Galileo Project

The Galileo Project at Harvard University announce a generous grant of $575,000 from the Richard King Mellon Foundation. This grant will support the Galileo Project’s endeavor to establish a third observatory station, to be located in either Allegheny or Westmoreland County in Pennsylvania.

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The Galileo Project is an international scientific research project to systematically search for extraterrestrial intelligence or extraterrestrial technology on and near Earth and to identify the nature of anomalous Unidentified Flying Objects/Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UFOs/UAP).

The grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation will cover instrumentation costs essential for the installation of the new observatory, as well as provide crucial support for researchers in the field to manage and operate the new facility.

Avi Loeb

“We are immensely grateful to the Richard King Mellon Foundation for their generous support,” said Dr. Avi Loeb, the Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard University and lead investigator of the Galileo Project.

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“This significant investment will enable the Galileo Project to expand our capacity to observe unexplained aerial phenomena in our own skies.”

The Richard King Mellon Foundation is dedicated to promoting the health and vitality of the Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania region by investing in transformative initiatives across various sectors, including science, education, and community development.

Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and long-time research affiliate of the Galileo Project, was instrumental in stewarding this grant.

“It is exciting and deeply gratifying to see the Richard King Mellon Foundation continue to support cutting edge science here in Western Pennsylvania,” said Mellon.

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“I hope this sparks the imagination of the youth of our region and contributes to solving this what NASA itself calls ‘one of the great mysteries of all time.’”

With the support of the Richard King Mellon Foundation, the Galileo Project looks forward to making significant strides in its mission to explore the cosmos in its own backyard, and deepen humanity’s understanding of our place in the universe.

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