Residents of Arizona record video of ‘alien’ blue UFO

Late in the evening of March 28, 2024, above Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, several witnesses reported observing an unidentified arc-shaped object emitting a neon blue glow.

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Currently, two videos capturing the object have been shared online (watch below).

Of note is the proximity of this UFO sighting to the local airport. Residents familiar with the area mention frequent sightings of various aircraft, but none resembling the peculiar object observed on this occasion.

Some speculate that the UFO may have had a disk-like shape, seemingly balancing “on its edge” with blue lights traversing along its circumference.

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One eyewitness, while walking their dog, described the object resembling “a blue rope suspended in the sky.” They observed it stationary for approximately thirty minutes, intermittently pulsating blue light in what seemed like a mesmerizing display.

Eventually, the object began a slow descent before abruptly vanishing, leaving no trace. Unfortunately, this particular moment was not captured on video.

Another observer asserted that the object’s altitude exceeded that of typical aircraft taking off or landing, further distinguishing it from conventional planes.

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The mysterious nature of this sighting has sparked curiosity and debate among locals, prompting further investigation into its origins and nature.

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