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Resident of Las Vegas described the tall alien he saw

The story of the aliens in Las Vegas received an unexpected continuation when one of the eyewitnesses released a video (see below) in which he describes the appearance of an alien that appeared in his backyard.

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On the night of April 30-May 1, 2023, a bluish-green object flew across the sky in Las Vegas, after which one family heard a strange noise in their backyard and saw tall humanoid creatures (two or one, not entirely clear).

They called the 911 Rescue Service and told about the incident, after which the police came to them, but did not find anything suspicious near their house.

During the following days, various official people came to their house, but soon the case was closed due to the lack of any evidence. The names of family members of eyewitnesses were not named in the press.

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And now the story continues, when Angel recorded a video with his testimony. He claims that everything they said was true.

“This is not a conspiracy theory, I am not making this story up for profit or fame, I just want to tell you what happened to me and my family and I know some people won’t believe it, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” Angel began the video with these words.

He says that on the night of May 1, around midnight, he was in the backyard of their house with his brother, they were fixing a pickup truck. Suddenly they heard a sound, as if something was flying.

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“I turned around and the only thing I saw was a very bright light falling from the sky, and a few moments after that I felt a strong impact and roar, as if something big had crashed into the ground. My brother and I managed to look at each other, and we became scared, but then this collision happened and it felt like a shock wave, like an exit from the body.”

Then something strange happened to them. Angel says that although his vision was fine, when he looked out into the backyard, everything seemed very blurry. And he heard a sound like “a thousand steps around.”

A couple of seconds later, the blur disappeared, and that’s when Angel first saw this creature.

“He was alone, very tall, about eight or ten feet (240–300 cm) tall, and very thin.”

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Then he called his father and he also saw this creature. After that, their family began to worry a lot. Angel and his brother then decided to retrieve their work tools from the backyard and when they did so, the creature was still there.

It is not clear why in the call to the Rescue Service he spoke about two creatures (“one outside and one inside”), because, judging by his story in the new video, there was only one creature.

“When I saw him, he was a tall, skinny, long creature. He was gray-greenish in color, and when I looked into his eyes, my body just froze, like in sleep paralysis. I looked all over his body and he had weird looking legs, big face and eyes, big mouth. I could hear his loud and deep breathing, and I could see his stomach move.”

Moments later, Angel felt he could move again, and that’s when he ran to the house and then called 911. As they waited for the police to arrive, they heard “footsteps” on the roof of their house.

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Later, a strange circle on fine gravel was discovered in the backyard of the house. According to Angel, the police also saw this circle.

The police launched an investigation into the strange incident, but closed the case a few days later without finding anything. “I know it’s hard to believe, but I saw what I saw,” says Angel.

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