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Researchers spend nights in Alcatraz, encounter paranormal activity

A team of researchers mapping Alcatraz Island to study erosion and climate change impacts spent three weeks living in the prison’s notorious D Block, experiencing the haunting history firsthand.

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The team, led by Pete Kelsey, used their stay to gain access to restricted areas, including the hospital wing and cells for mentally ill inmates. They faced spartan conditions, bringing their own food and using communal toilets.

Their stay wasn’t just about scientific exploration; it also included unnerving experiences that added to Alcatraz’s eerie reputation.

Kelsey recounted an incident involving a retired law enforcement officer on the team. Due to his loud snoring, the team asked him to sleep in the mugshot room, separate from the others in D Block. However, the next morning, Kelsey found him outside the room, refusing to sleep there again.

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When the man woke up, Kelsey asked him what happened and the volunteer replied he would never, ever sleep again in that room, no matter what. The man explained that, in the middle of the night, he woke up to the sounds of a crowd of people in the room above the mugshot room.

He said these “ghosts” were moving furniture around and a non-existent piano began to play. He grabbed his stuff, left the room, and refused to go back in.

These ghostly encounters aligned with numerous reports from visitors who claim to hear moaning and crying in the cell blocks, suggesting that the spirits of former inmates and guards still linger on the island.

The team’s experiences contribute to the lore of Alcatraz, believed by some Native American tribes to be haunted by malevolent spirits.

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